Thursday, May 25, 2006

Book Trailers

Here's an interesting concept to get "young" readers interested in books, create a trailer. This seems to be an approach being taken to promote some new books. Read all about it here in this Newsweek article "Trailers: Seen Any Good Books Lately?"

I think it's a pretty nifty idea, a twist on selling books before a movie. This gives another opportunity to small-time content creators to showcase their work by partnering with writers and book publishers.

The following video trailers were created by film students for three new Bantam Dell titles:
- The Thieves of Heaven
- Stuart
- Shadow Man

It's a good gig if you can get it.


rayminatti said...

I think this is how older established technology can continue to be relevant media. They should have thought of it sooner; now, it is about time to start interactive book worlds on the web, where instead of seeing the movie, you play the book.

anamika said...

This could potentially be a really cool thing or somthing that's just a fad.

There is potential here to attract new readers to books but there is also the possibility that by making trailers for books the publishers will create a visual representation/setting for the story and its characters, which may limit our own imagination when we read the book.

In any case, these particualar examples provided studen film makers to showcase their work. That's a acool thing for upcoming content creators, which is what I was attracted to in the first place.