Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Verizon Wireless to feature YouTube videos

YouTube videos will be viewable on cell phones for the first time under a deal with Verizon Wireless, which will also allow users to upload videos shot with their camera phones.

The partnership to be announced Tuesday marks the first big distribution deal for YouTube since the young video-sharing Web site was acquired earlier this month by Google Inc.
Verizon Wireless to feature YouTube videos - Yahoo! News

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Internet Video - How To Monetize Your Independent Video Content

Good resource for information on How To Monetize Your Independent Video.
Online video pays itself. The opportunities to monetize online video are rapidly increasing. You need not find anymore a distribution house to make your video- or film-making passion pay back for your hard work.
Internet Video - How To Monetize Your Independent Video Content - Robin Good's Latest News

Monday, November 20, 2006

176 Newspapers to Partner With Yahoo

Interesting turn of events as "Big Media" turns to Yahoo!, one of the webs' early pioneers, in a deal that could ultimately benefit both to fend off competition from Google, who they fear will take over the world ;-)
“There has been a big question asked for a while as to how newspapers will navigate the online future,” said William Dean Singleton, vice chairman and chief executive of MediaNews Group, one of the members of the consortium. “I think this is the answer to that question.”
176 Newspapers to Form a Partnership With Yahoo - New York Times

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Secret Life of 'LonelyGirl15'

For those who are still curious about the Lonely Girl phenomenon, here's ABC News Nightline's take on it with interviews of its creators and the actress who played the character. The creators also talk about how they plan to continue the saga in the same vein as TVs Lost series. There's also a video interview available on the site and a link to a new report in Wired magazine.
"She was the girl-next-door with depth and enough warm vulnerability to push atop the clutter of YouTube. And the moment she appeared, thousands reached out just to be her friend."
ABC News: The Secret Life of 'LonelyGirl15'

Yahoo Memo Urges Wake-Up Call: Enough of the "Peanut Butter" Strategy!

Here's a great memo written by a senior VP at Yahoo that could very well apply to any business that's struggling for a vision and a direction. It's urging them to go back to their core strengths instead of spending their energies half-heartedly on a multitude of competing ventures. It's definitely worth a read for budding entrepreneurs.
This critical, internal Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO - News) memo was being forwarded all over the place late Friday, and made the WSJ Saturday morning. The author is allegedly Brad Garlinghouse, a Yahoo senior V.P.
Yahoo Memo Urges Wake-Up Call: Enough of the "Peanut Butter" Strategy!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NPR Fresh Air: Exploring the Online Gaming World

Audio for this story is available at NPR.
Fresh Air from WHYY, November 15, 2006 · Journalist Julian Dibbell talks about his book Play Money: Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot. He explores the world of online role-playing games, where hundreds of thousands of players log on to operate fantasy characters in virtual environments. One of the most popular games, World of Warcraft, has six million subscribers.
NPR : Exploring the Online Gaming World

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Apple in deal to let iPod videos play on planes

Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday six major airlines will let passengers play video and music from their iPod digital devices on in-flight entertainment systems beginning in mid-2007.

Air France, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, KLM and United Airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections, which power and charge iPods during flight and allow the video content on the devices to be viewed on seat-back displays, Apple said.
Apple in deal to let iPod videos play on planes | Reuters.com

Monday, November 13, 2006

MP3.com returns to music sharing with new features

MP3.com, the once massive music download site that settled copyright infringement suits with major record labels, said on Monday it is allowing the sharing of music and videos but this time with the authorization of independent artists.
MP3.com returns to music sharing with new features - Yahoo! News

Lycos seeks rebirth as "virtual living room"

Looks like a Lycos is building social networking site around watching online movies.
Lycos said it is using proprietary technology to enable viewers to watch synchronized videos on the Web. The company compared its ability to offer such a service with massive, never-ending online games such as Warcraft and Second Life, which host hundreds of thousands of players.

Lycos users will be able to watch films and create public chatrooms to invite other potential viewers. Viewers in any one particular viewing room can type comments on the window, while watching the movies that are streamed at the same time.

Kalinowski said its service differs from others as it offers feature length films, unlike YouTube, which limits uploaded videos to about 10 minutes.
Lycos seeks rebirth as "virtual living room" - Yahoo! News

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Web 3.0 to be Guided by Common Sense

Good article in NY Times that discuses the basis for Web 3.0, which according to the writer, will be based on common sense and intelligence. He cites del.icio.us, Flickr and Digg as early examples of the next phase in the evolution of the Internet.
[In] the future, more powerful systems could act as personal advisers in areas as diverse as financial planning, with an intelligent system mapping out a retirement plan for a couple, for instance, or educational consulting, with the Web helping a high school student identify the right college.

The projects aimed at creating Web 3.0 all take advantage of increasingly powerful computers that can quickly and completely scour the Web.

“I call it the World Wide Database,” said Nova Spivack, the founder of a start-up firm whose technology detects relationships between nuggets of information by mining the World Wide Web. “We are going from a Web of connected documents to a Web of connected data.”
Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense - New York Times

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second Life is a preview of the Internet of the future

Is it a game? No. Is it a marketing opportunity? Yes, but who cares? What matters most is that it may point to the future of the Net, says Fortune's David Kirkpatrick.
Second Life is a preview of the Internet of the future - Nov. 10, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another video host that let's you monetize video

Good thing about Blip.tv is that they
  • Have an open advertising marketplace where you can pick the video advertising company that works best for you. They share everything 50/50.
  • They support every video format: Flash 8, Quicktime, DivX and 3gp (for cell phones).
  • The videos can be posted to personal websites, blogs, MySpace, Yahoo! Video and iTunes (which other's don't offer).
  • They are also working on sending top shows directly to the television set with Internet video on demand.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Verizon near content deal with YouTube

Verizon Communications Inc., the No. 2 U.S. telecommunications company, is in advanced talks with YouTube Inc. to bring the Web site's videos to cellphones and television sets, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.
Verizon near content deal with YouTube: Reuters.com

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What’s on tonight? Just tape it off the internet

A social network site built around TV shows. Pretty interesting. Check-out the article.
It seems TIOTI’s aim to be the first TV-based “social media aggregator” may prove more popular than that convoluted name suggests. Already it seems to be tapping into a pent-up desire among users to share and discover TV shows, employing several Web 2.0 techniques like tagging and user ratings.
TechCrunch UK » What’s on tonight? Just tape it off the internet

BrightRoll Launches DIY Video Ad Network

One more site to help video producers monetize their video.
Video ad network BrightRoll... now offers direct access to the ad insertion process for consumer video producers. The company’s technology serves up ads in multiple formats, monitors click throughs to determine which format is most effective and switches ad formats dynamically for the best results. Video publishers can choose to insert the most lucrative format, preroll ads, or allow BrightRoll to switch between video, banner or text post roll ads.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

YouTube hopes to be on mobile devices in 2007

Going forward, video is going to be increasingly an important offering from all the major web players due to the fact that the tools are getting easier and a visual medium is preferred by the emerging generation who have grown up with the Internet, Digital Cameras and Cell Phones for most of their lives.
Chad Hurley, YouTube chief executive and co-founder, told an advertising conference that offering video services on mobile phones was a key opportunity for the company.

"Within the next year we hope to have something on a mobile device, it's going to be a huge market, especially for the video mind-set we're dealing with, it's a natural transition," said Hurley.

Already many of the clips seen on YouTube are captured by users with their cellphones. A new mobile service could enable users to share videos with others in the YouTube community directly via their phones.

YouTube hopes to be on mobile devices in 2007 - Yahoo! News