Thursday, June 28, 2007

Internet getting close to becoming ‘most essential’ medium in American life

[According] to a new report by Edison Media Research. Consumers age 12 and older were asked to choose the “most essential” medium in their life; 33 percent chose the Internet, just behind television (36 percent), but above radio (17 percent) and newspapers (10 percent). In 2002, the Internet trailed TV on this perception by a significant margin (20 percent verses 39 percent), and also trailed radio’s 26 percent.

In the study, newspapers were named as “least essential” medium by 35 percent, followed by the Internet at 24 percent (it was most mentioned in 2002 at 33 percent), and both radio and television had the fewest mentions at 18 percent. The Internet and television have swapped places in the last half-decade as “Most cool and exciting” medium. The Internet is mentioned by 38 percent for this perception in 2007 (verses 25 percent in 2002); 35 percent now say television is “most cool and exciting” (verses 48 percent in 2002).

“It is not a stretch to say that the Internet has become just as important as television as a primary source of information and entertainment in the lives of Americans,” says Larry Rosin, president, Edison Media Research. “It is entirely possible that the Internet will lead in all positive categories five years from now.”
Internet getting close to becoming ‘most essential’ medium in American life

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Your Truman Show" brings your story to the web

Your Truman Show, Inc. today launched the beta version of its online broadcast network dedicated to publishing, rating and reviewing the drama and comedy of personal video stories. combines on one platform the power of personal blogging, user-generated video and social networking.
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Friday, June 08, 2007 presents first full length feature film on YouTube

Apparently, this is the first feature length film to run on YouTube; worth a look.

We are exceptionally pleased at Spout to be presenting the first feature length film to run on YouTube: Four Eyed Monsters. Check out our official press release here and read about our promotion with the makers of this film, Arin Crumley and Susan Buice. If you are interested in a little history about this film, check out their video-podcast about making it and trying to get distribution...all 8 episodes. And, if you haven't signed up on Spout yet, go here immediately: presents first full length feature film on YouTube

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Twitterization of Blogs

Learn how blogs are changing due to the Twitter/mobile blogging phenomenon of "less is more."
Most bloggers prefer mundane tidbits to deep thoughts, and backed by voice transcription and video sharing, the cell phone may soon be the tool of choice...
The Twitterization of Blogs

Lessons from the Amp'd bankruptcy

The blogosphere's been abuzz about Amp'd Mobile's Chapter 11 filing in the wake of a 'liquidity crisis'. GigaOM cited a company statement blaming inadequate systems:

"As a result of our rapid growth, our back-end infrastructure was unable to keep up with customer demand."

But Om and others rightly note the more critical factor here is that Amp'd has had a devil of a time collecting from its customers, with 40% of its 200,000 subscribers owing Amp'd money -- cash it desperately needed to fund marketing and operations.

There's a lesson here for managers suffering from a tunnel-vision obsession with top-line revenue growth: while inadequate infrastructure can hobble a business; an inadequate balance sheet can bring it to its knees (and crawling into bankruptcy court). It's nearly impossible to grow your way out of that kind of trouble.

It's also important to note that privately-held Amp'd has filed for Chapter 11 (reorganization), not Chapter 7 (liquidation), meaning that (at least for now) they ostensibly intend to eventually re-emerge as a viable business. But as the Business Week story points out, another potential outcome is that one of its major creditors (Verizon seems a likely suitor) will end up getting the whole company on the cheap. That's a high price to pay for growth.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

VideoNewsLive - Your Daily Video News Community

Join the new social community that gives you daily updates on video news across the web. You can discover new content by simply joining the social network, each day new content news will be delivered to you. The sources come from over 35 unique providers across the net, or, alternatively you can suggest a new video news provider. The community is enabled to submit video news links, and upload their own videos. You can create a dialouge with your peers by rating and commenting upon the videos you view. If your personal hero is Ron Burgundy, you too can upload your own video news and submit it to the site. You, too, could be kind of a big deal.

In their own words: is a user driven social community site, with a community of users who enjoy daily video news currently from over 35 different providers. The user community can participate by suggesting a new video news provider, submitting video news links, and uploading videos.
VideoNewsLive - Your Daily Video News Community [via Robert Scoble's shared feeds on Google reader]