Monday, June 04, 2007

VideoNewsLive - Your Daily Video News Community

Join the new social community that gives you daily updates on video news across the web. You can discover new content by simply joining the social network, each day new content news will be delivered to you. The sources come from over 35 unique providers across the net, or, alternatively you can suggest a new video news provider. The community is enabled to submit video news links, and upload their own videos. You can create a dialouge with your peers by rating and commenting upon the videos you view. If your personal hero is Ron Burgundy, you too can upload your own video news and submit it to the site. You, too, could be kind of a big deal.

In their own words: is a user driven social community site, with a community of users who enjoy daily video news currently from over 35 different providers. The user community can participate by suggesting a new video news provider, submitting video news links, and uploading videos.
VideoNewsLive - Your Daily Video News Community [via Robert Scoble's shared feeds on Google reader]

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