Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Startup to offer the 'personal radio'

Interesting concept that un-tethers online radio from the computer; but it still requires a Wi-Fi connection to update itself. Wonder how they will differentiate themselves from cell-phone based music services that allow the user to listen via subscription.
A new service is taking personal taste in music to another level by combining elements of Internet radio, portable music and satellite distribution.

A startup led by a team of veterans in the digital music arena seeks to offer 'personal radio' that lets users choose the tunes, genres or artists they want, and listen to them on the go.

Slacker Inc., based in San Diego, launched its radio service Wednesday, making its Web site,, available in a beta, or testing, stage.

A separate Wi-Fi-enabled pocketable gadget that will be able to play the personalized selections will be available in the early summer, with models ranging roughly from $150 to $299, the company said. A car kit that will deliver the music via satellite signals will be available later in the year at a price yet to be disclosed.
Startup to offer the 'personal radio' - Yahoo! News

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