Monday, April 09, 2007

Does email have a future?

Interesting article on the long-term future of email. Although junk-mail and spam are a huge problem, I think email is here to stay at-least in the foreseeable future, especially in the business world. Email affords us to archive and retrieve messages easily, a feature not easily available in instant messaging and text messaging. One possible alternative to email could be a Wiki, when it comes to tracking project development and serving as a knowledge-base, within organizations. Read on.
The days of email as a mission-critical application appear to be limited, according to an IDC report.

IDC said it is projecting that 97 billion emails will be sent worldwide in 2007 and more than 40 billion of those will be spam. That 40 billion spam mark means that junk email will surpass person-to-person email. Overall, email volume in 2007 will approach 5 exabytes, doubling the amount over the past two years.
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