Saturday, October 21, 2006

Are you the Master of Your Domain ?

"As with Seinfeld, there is a contest going on right now in the videohosting world between the forces of temptation; In this case, the temptation of allowing others to post any and all content, copyrighted or not, on your domain, ala Youtube; and the forces of copyright law, taking complete control of your domain and only allowing content that has been reviewed and approved, ala .

Put another way, Youtube puts up a notice to all of those who post to its domain....'Please dont do it. We are telling you not to do it. If someone catches you doing it, you will be embarassed and they will have the right to come after you. But, wink wink, we all can have a good time in the meantime. Flog away at copyright laws'."
Are you the Master of Your Domain ? - Blog Maverick

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