Sunday, October 08, 2006

No longer the MySpace of your youth

Social networking the true power behind MySpace.
It's not all youths on MySpace. Half of the site's users are 35 or older, according to comScore Media Metrix's analysis of its U.S. Internet traffic measurements. Only 30 per cent are under 25 despite a common belief that the site is mostly populated with kids and young adults.

Just a year ago, teens under 18 made up about 25 per cent of MySpace, the popular on-line hangout run by News Corp. That's now down to 12 per cent in the comScore analysis released Thursday.

By contrast, the 35-54 group at MySpace grew to 41 per cent in August, from 32 per cent a year earlier. “This analysis confirms that the appeal of social-networking sites is far broader,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president for comScore, adding that the data suggest that social networking is becoming mainstream. No longer the MySpace of your youth

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