Friday, October 27, 2006

Private conversation is aim of new blog software

I think this is the right step in "blogging" because not everything one writes is for public consumption. I like this concept of a multi-level blog with a way to control who sees what.
The next big blog trend is about what you and your friends see and others don't.

The online medium built for loudmouths is taking an inward turn to focus on private conversations among friends and family, instead of requiring bloggers to write for a public stage as most current publishing tools do.

On Thursday, Six Apart Ltd., a supplier of the software used to publish blogs, unveiled a widely anticipated blog-writing tool called Vox (

While Vox blogs may look like other blogs, they are distinguished by five levels of privacy settings that can be placed on each item a user publishes. Who comments and who reads comments are also under the publisher's control.
Private conversation is aim of new blog software - Yahoo! News

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