Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eastwood examines nature of heroism in new movie

And now for something comeletely different... Being a HUGE Eastwood fan I was naturally drawn to this story. But the movie is very relevant today considering the mess this country's in. We need more voices telling the world why war of any kind is bad for everyone. Emerging media is very much in the middle of this with blogs and vlogs discussing this very important issue.
The three flag-raisers are hurled into the public spotlight as canon fodder and used as propaganda tools to sell war bonds.

The war and their subsequent brush with celebrity marked the men for the rest of their lives. The crux of Eastwood's film is how wars, even 'good' ones, create perpetual nightmares for the people who fight them.

Eastwood, 76, said he did not set out to make a war film, but a movie about the meaning of heroism and an examination of celebrity, something he has lived with for years as he rose from spaghetti westerns to making Oscar-winning films.

Eastwood examines nature of heroism in new movie - Yahoo! News

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