Thursday, September 13, 2007

The 8 Secrets that Make Apple No. 1

In his Computer World article, Mike Elgan makes some great points about why Apple is succeeding where other consumer focused companies are failing. I think these key points apply no matter what business you are in. Definitely worth a read.
Basically, you can divide consumer electronics companies into two groups: Apple, and everyone else. Apple really is that different. Its influence on global design is many orders of magnitude higher than its nearest competitors. It engenders customer loyalty significantly greater than that earned by any other company in the consumer electronics space. The Apple brand and awareness of its products in the general culture far exceed what you might expect, given the company's actual sales.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is famous for a crazy video in which he yells, "" With Apple, it's the customers who shout that.

It's no accident, and it's not a passing phenomenon. Apple knows something that other companies don't. Here are the eight secrets that make Apple the best company in the industry.
The 8 Secrets that Make Apple No. 1

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