Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peachpit Releases Designing Your Second Life

Just what we need, a manual for our Second Life :)
"Peachpit announced the release of Designing Your Second Life by Rebecca Tapley... a guide to the subtle and sometimes baffling new world of the online community Second Life.

Designing Your Second Life teaches the reader everything they need to know to build a more rewarding second life, from creating an avatar to building impressive homes and planned communities to establishing a social community and career. Author Rebecca Tapley takes real-world topics such as urban planning, color theory, user experience, interior design, and landscaping, and maps them to Second Life conditions. This teaches readers to identify the best skin and hair, clothing, architecture and construction, property for sale, and more. In addition, her insights and observations on Second Life etiquette, manners, and customs will be an invaluable resource for all users."
Peachpit: Peachpit Releases Designing Your Second Life

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