Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is this a future of Television?

With advertisers moving to the web to target specific audience and networks putting too many restrictions on content creators, creative minds are migrating over to the web. As broadband access expands and download speeds increase, the web looks more and more appealing for distributing video content.
The creative minds behind such TV shows as "Thirtysomething" and "My So-Called Life" are launching a Web-based show, hoping to find the artistic freedom online that they say is lacking on broadcast networks.

The show, called "Quarterlife," will debut Nov. 11 on and will also be paired with its own social networking site that will include story extras as well as career, romance and other information for the show's young audience.

Centered on a group of recent college graduates, the show started as a pilot for an ABC series called " 1/4 Life." It aired once in 2005 and was pulled because of creative differences between the network and creators Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick.

With the explosion of online video and the migration to the Web of such well-known artists as Will Ferrell, Harry Shearer and Bill Murray, Herskovitz and Zwick decided to resurrect the show and give it a cyber twist...

The show's 36 episodes will air exclusively on MySpace.... Each episode will be about 8 minutes long with two episodes debuting each week. The producers and MySpace will share revenue from ads that will run in the video. Additional revenue will come from product placement deals, Herskovitz said.

In a new wrinkle, the show also will have its own social networking site called
TV veterans produce Web-only show

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