Monday, June 19, 2006

Blending Social Networking and Blogging

Sixapart (the company who brought us MovableType, TypePad and Live Journal) has a new blogging service called Vox (in testing) which blends Social Networking and Blogging. MacMike calls it "MySpace for grownups, with lots of easy-to-use video and audio uploading tools."

The concept looks interesting at first glance. We'll have to wait and see how well it works when they open to the public, later this year. Till then, it's Blogger for me... Or maybe WordPress, who knows... There are too many choices and chances are, once we are committed to an account and get comfortable, it takes too much effort to move to a new service so we stay on for ever.

Like my MyYahoo page which I've had as my start-up page ever since they launched (maybe 8-10 years ago) and customized exactly like the way I want it to be so I am hesitant to move to another aggregator, learn their setup and customize the look.

That's how they get us those buggers, by making us bond with our online creations ;-)

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