Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vlogging, as a medium

Here's a good article from CNET about Video Blogs: Video bloggers ready to incite 'media revolution'

They have some good numbers on video blogging and some info on the upcoming Vloggercon conference in San Francisco,


Freya said...

It's important to closely observe the trends related to our field, of course, but an idea that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is that bloggers and vloggers, the people who are creating the content, are not the people who are making money with this trend. The people creating content are the consumers in this. They might find ways to pick up a little cash, but it is people much higher in the food chain are the ones who actually profit from their efforts.

anamika said...

You are absolutely right. There are very few people who are making a living at this. Most "content creators" are doing it for their own satisfaction. Many of them are putting their own money into it in the hopes it will eventually pay off.

The ones making the money are the companies providing the infrastructure that enables the distribution of the content such as, Apple, Google Video, YouTube etc. They get most of their revenues via advertising.