Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Future of Podcasting

Wired has a good article on "Podcasting after iTunes" where they discuss the good, bad and ugly about podcasting, including issues about advertising, subscribership etc.

It's a good read for wanna-be podcasters. The article also has many good links to podcasts.


Babbling Shrew said...

I'm starting to get depressed. There's so much saturation -- too much content and no filter for quality. No discernable means for making money has appeared. I actually don't think the old business models are going anywhere. "Superman" made $21M on its first day, so I may retool my thinking toward emerging media as an accessory and complement to the old forms.
This is a lot to figure out. Thanks for keeping on top of all the new info, Raj! It really is helpful.

anamika said...

Now you see my dilemma.

Emerging Media is all fine and dandy, but very few people are making any money in it.

I still haven't figured out where I fit in OR how I can use my "old media" skills in this new space to make a living.

Freya said...

Babbling Shrew is right on target. There is too much saturation. On the internet where everyone has a voice, the excessive content creates a huge wasteland where the really good stuff gets lost in the shuffle. Where everyone has a voice, no one has a voice. Simply creating the content might feel good, but it does not generate income for the content creators.

There are still companies that will pay for well-crafted creative work that helps to generate traffic to the company web site, and they consider this to be part of their advertising strategy to draw attention to their products and services. Emerging Media skills might be useful in that area, but quality work will be expected, and it would be an ongoing struggle to come up with something new and interesting every day.

anamika said...

You are so right. Take this blog for example, it's an experiment on my part but there are probably hundreds of other similar blogs written by real experts. So I cannot even conceive of a situation where this would be my full-time occupation and a means of making a living.