Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Web 2.0 in action

Today I watched the movie "My Date with Drew" on TV, because I had some time to kill and also because I was intrigued with the story of a guy (Brian Herzlinger) successfully documenting his efforts of getting a date with Drew Barrymore and then releasing the movie about it.

The movie was really cheesy but I appreciated the effort, considering he bought a camera at Circuit City with the intention of returning it in 30 days to get his money back, because he couldn't afford to pay for it.

Then I ran into this video while surfing the net. It's a spoof ad for a fake Apple product called iBox, posted on YouTube via TechBlog. This is all the more proof that if you are creative enough and are willing to put in some effort you can produce some really cool stuff and post it for everyone on the world to see. And chances are you'll get noticed.

Now, if I could only be as creative...


Babbling Shrew said...

I for one believe that somewhere in you, there is mockery of others.
March forth seeking sarcasm.

Glenda, the Good Witch

anamika said...

Is that supposed to be good or bad?