Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Power to the people - Internet-powered politics

Here's a good example of the Living Web where 15 year olds can make a difference. The NYTimes has an article about Ava Lowery a 15-year-old from rural Alabama, whose homemade video was shown at the Daily Kos's convention on jumbo television screens. Her video is available on YouTube.

Experts are of the opinion that the upcoming November elections and the 2008 Presidential elections will show us the real power of the people who will express their views through blogs, podcasts and vlogs (video blogs).

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Freya said...

My former driver's ed teacher caused quite a stir that might have changed the course of the last election. Unfortunately. Imagine how startled I was to see his name in the national news! Never underestimate what a difference a few strong voices can make. It will be interesting to see how recent changes in mass communications will influence the political scene.