Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Are Apple and Google YouTube-ing For Dollars?

The second half of the article is more interesting than the first-half. Read on.
[I]nteresting ideas start flowing when you move beyond the obvious and consider the enormous technological and culture-shaping resources that could be pooled if Apple and Google got together. Google's been busy buying all sorts of dark fiber and storage facilities suitable for repurposing as data centers, not to mention rolling out initiatives to blanket metropolitan areas with free and ad-subsidized WiFi. And they've got that whole search engine-cum-targeted advertising thing happening.

Apple, meanwhile, has been hard at work changing the way we buy, store, transport, and listen to music - and, to a lesser extent, TV and movies - and building a computer here and there on the side. So, geez, what might happen if Steve and Sergey and Larry decided to go in together on a side project aimed at taking out broadcast and cable TV? Don't laugh -- just ask the recording industry giants what they think of iTunes.
I Want My i(P)TV: Are Apple and Google YouTube-ing For Dollars?

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